Space 2 Sing

Event Program, For Space to Sing - Mon, 17 Jan 2022

Event Start time: 6:00pm
Event Duration: 2 hours
Start timeActivityMusicMinutesRun byDetails/Notes
6:00pmVocal warm-ups 15Alison Senior 
6:15pmVocal warm-ups 7Alison Senior 
6:22pmPerform songHallelujah5Alison Senior 
6:27pmPerform songSeasons of Love (F)5  
6:32pmPerform songRipTide486962 
6:36pmPerform songRise Up486962 
6:40pmAnnouncements 10  
6:50pmPerform song 20Alison Seniorpeople's choice
7:10pmRehearse songThe Prayer20Alison Senior 
7:30pmRehearse songThe Wellerman (E♭)13Alison Senior 
7:43pm  15 people's choice
7:58pmClosing songOur Space to Sing2Alison Senior 
Program Duration: 120 minutes; Finish time: 8:00pm