The Prayer

The Prayer             Key All
S=soprano, A=Alto, T=Tenor, B=Bass
S/T =Soprano and tenor Etc..

We Pray You’ll be our eyes,
And Watch us where we go,
And teach us to be wise,
In times when we don’t know,
Let this be our prayer,
When we lose our way,
Lead us to a place
Guide us with Your grace,
To a place where we’ll be safe

S /T  duet 1 We pray we’ll find Your light 
 A/B duet 2  We pray we’ll find Your light, 
And Hold it in our hearts 
 S/B  duet 3 and hold it in our hearts

S/A Higher voices         As darkness falls each night  
T/B Lower voices          As darkness falls each night

S/A Higher voices         Remind us where You are.    
T/B Lower voices          Remind us where You are

S/A/Higher voices         Let this be our prayer.       
T/B Male voices            Let this be our prayer

S/A Higher voices         When shadows fill our day.    
T/BLower voices          When shadows fill our day

All back to original harmonies 
Lead us to a place, guide us with Your Grace
Give us faith so we’ll be safe

All ( this has been spaced to each note so you know when to sing what)
So -gna Mo,um mon-do Sen-za pui-vio Len-za
Un Mon-do di giu-sti-zia e di-spe-ran-za
O- gnu-no dia la M-noal-suo Vi-cino sim-bo-lo di pa-ce
Di fra-ter-ni-ta----

 voices italian  La for-za che ci da,
                                                    all other voices :We ask that life be kind
                        E il desid- er o che
                                                                                 And watch us from above
                     Og nuno trov I a-mour
                                                                                 we hope each soul will find
                     In tor-no-e den tro-se
                                                                                 Another soul to love

            S/A/T                           Let this be our Prayer, 
            B                                 let this be our Prayer,   our Prayer


            S/A/T             Just        
                All voices         Like every child
               B                  Just like every child 

                All voices                  Needs to find a place,
                                                Guide us with Your grace
                                                Give us Faith so we’ll be safe,

Lead us to a place,                        Italian :E-la-fed-e che
Guide us with your grace                    Hai ac-ces sion noi
To a place where we’ll be safe           sen-to che-ci sal-ver- a