Space to Sing

6:00pm, Mon, 18 Sep 2023

  • Event Details
  • Type of event: Rehearsal
    Start time: 6:00pm
    Venue: Hawker Park Primary
  • Program
  • Start timeActivityMusicMinutesRun byDetails/Notes
    6:00pmPhysical warm-ups 3 Whole WSD program in the order
    6:03pmVocal warm-ups 7  
    6:10pmRehearse songA Whole New World10  
    6:20pm I Sing To You10  
    6:30pm What a Wonderful World (D)10  
    6:40pm  10 Twist and shout
    6:50pm Sing With Me - World Singing Day 2022 (D)10  
    7:00pm Lean on Me15  
    7:15pmIntermission 10 End of WSD songs Start of S@S showcase songs
    7:25pm Made You Look (B♭)3  
    7:28pm I Will Follow Him3  
    7:31pm Hallelujah10  
    7:41pm Abba Medley16  
    7:57pm Our Space to Sing2  
    Program Duration: 119 minutes; Finish time: 7:59pm